Sunday, October 3, 2010


My happy little family

Cory !!!

It has been FOREVER since I last posted!!! lots has happened. Cory is now going to daycare, which is the place I happen work at too. I am so happy I finally decided to go back to work. Things have been so great, it was a bit difficult getting use to not seeing my baby boy 24/7 but we are adjusted now and liking the new schedule!

Next week is Cory's birthday party and I couldn't be any more excited. I went with a cowboy western theme because right now he thinks he is one. He loves horses and cowboys, I guess its the Texan coming out in him. lol We are doing a party at a local park. I rented a moon bounce and I'm gonna get a pinata too. I think I'm more excited to see his reaction to everything.

Cory is learning so much at school. He has learned so many new words and songs. He talks so much now, even though he is a little shy sometimes he definitely is a chatterbox.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

100th post!

So it has been too long since I posted. This is my 100th post too! so here are some updates:

On saturady Cory and I met up with some of my girlfriends from my high school dance team. We went to the beach. Galveston Beach to be exact. It was Cory's first time at the beach and I was nervous he wasn't going to like it, but boy was I wrong. He loved it. At first he wasn't too fond of the sand, but he got over that quickly. I could hardly keep him out of the water. He loved trying to jump over the little waves coming at us! We are going to make a trip back before summer is over.

Some things cory has been doing lately are:

He copys everything we do. He can say so many words now I don't know how many exactly, but if I had to guess at least 50+. He tries to put his own shorts on. Right now he thinks he is a cowboy. When he goes to his grandma's house he gets on a rocking horse and she will give him acowboy hat. He then says yee-haw, but it comes out like" ahh-haaa". It's too cute to watch.

Monday, July 12, 2010

he's getting closer to 2

Today my little man is 21 months old! that means in just 3 short months he will be turning 2! I can not believe I will have a two year old. Although he sure does act like it these days, the terrible twos have definately kicked in. He is talking more and more everyday. He knows how to push us to the max everyday too. His new favorite thing is WOW WOW Wubzy, a cartoon show on nickjr he loves it when it comes on and will sing the wow wow wubzy song all the time! I really can't believe how fast he is growing up. I wish time would slow down just a little bit. I want to keep my baby a baby! But we all know that won't happen! i am so excited for his future and all the great things we have to come!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Backgrounds and bows!

OK OK I know this is my 1000th and what? background. O well it's my blog so I can do that.
I made these bows for my neice for her birthday tomorrow. She is turning 11. I think I might attach them to a headband or something she loves those things! I was pretty proud of myself I did kinda good for my first time!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My boys!

I just LOVE this picture of my boys showing me thier muscles!!!
I just had to share!

Friday, July 2, 2010

NO More rain PLEASE!!!

The rain has stopped for good I hope. It's already gonna be wet on the 4Th so that sucks! It seriously has rained all weekend yesterday it was non stop raining all day. I looked out our door yesterday morning and what did I see? A stray dog sitting on our mat hiding from the rain and thunder. i of course couldn't let him in I don't know what he was like, but I did let him hang out on my doorstep all day. I even gave him a hot dog I felt so bad.
Happy 4th of July

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Its hurricane season again!

I hate that it is hurricane season again. I think I'm starting to have hurricane Ike flashbacks!!(being that I was almost 9 months preggo and had to evacuate, boy was I scared I was gonna go into labor) Just kidding, but it does make me think of it. Hurricane Alex is here well not where I am, but in Texas. I'm happy it's not gonna hit us here in the southeast. We sure are getting some rain though. I guess this year's 4th of July is gonna be a wet one! So much for fireworks huh?

Monday, June 28, 2010

My 1st Top 2 Tuesday!

1.So I love undomestic momma's blog! I have decided to join in on the fun of top 2 tuesday. So here it goes.

Top 2 Things (not people) you would take to a deserted island


An ipod (not that I have one already) But if I knew I was going away to a deserted island i would definately want to take some music with me!


A camera I would love this kind but this isn't the camera I have. A lot of places can be really beautiful and I would love to show my family where I was and what I did.

Friday, June 25, 2010

New Favorite Show!

We have been watching this new hilarious game show in our household. Wipeout is so funny to watch. Contestants have to get through this crazy obstacle course in the shortest time. They have a coupe of rounds and we are cracking up laughing throughout this whole show. I would like to go on it just to really experience it. It come on ABC at 8/7c I think!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bad Me

I am such a bad blogger. I just haven't had anything exciting or even felt up to posting the past week.

We all had a great father's day and the day before was my honey's birthday. He is now 22! WOW we seem so much older than that. yesterday my lil wasn't feeling too good. He has had a runny nose fora week or 2 now but I've been giving him his allergy med. Well yesterday as soon as we woke up he spit up a bunch of spit and flem(SP). then I gave him some Gatorade and shortly after that came up too. But he is definitely back to his self again today. I 'm so glad!!

I will get back into the swing of blogging more. I need to take some pics to post. O how I love posting pictures. Heck I just love pictures in general!!!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Look!

Okay so I just got a new look on my blog. Thanks to LeeLou blogs. She has such cute backgrounds on there and the best part is they are free!!! I so wish I could do things like that! It is definately gonna take some time to get used to because everything is switched around! Hope you like it!

potty training...

So an update on the potty training that Mr. Cory has been doing. I really still can't believe that he has been going to the potty. He has led the way this whole time! He will even tell me when he needs to go sometimes. So I think he is really getting the hang of this. I usually put him on it in the morning after he wakes up (he goes), mid- morning after breakfast and snack (he usually goes), before nap (he goes), after nap, and well you get it. I am so surprised how good and comfortable he is with it. Although it doesn't surprise me, he likes going in the bathroom when his daddy is in there. I guess he figures he can keep him company. LOL :) I still need to go get him some pull-ups because trying to put a diaper on while he is standing up is a little difficult. My goal is to have him potty trained by the time he turns TWO- which is in 4 months!! Well i better see if he needs to go potty now! LOL J/K :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

weekend re-cap

On Saturday we went to my 2 nephew's graduation party at my parents house. When we were there one of the grown-ups set up a homemade slip-n-slide. It was such a big hit with all the kids. they loved it, especially my little rascal. He had so much fun running and sliding with all the other kids. then they let him have the water hose. He kept spraying everyone as they were sliding down it. I don't think he let go of that hose the whole time he was on that thing. when we got home he was so tired and was fast asleep a little early that night. I love summer days like that where you can just sit and wastch all the kids have so much fun. kinda brings back memories of when you were a kid doing the same thing.

Cory sliding down the slip-n-slide

He loved being in charge of the water hose

more sliding

Friday, June 11, 2010


I can't believe it my big boy did it again!!!!! He went to the potty again this morning. I guess he really is telling me he is ready. He said the exact same thing as last night.

My little boy is just getting so big. On saturday he will be 20 months. That is just 4 short months away from 2. What am I going to do? O and let me tell you the terrible twos have kicked in a long time ago (about 5 or 6 months ago).
He is saying more and more new words everyday. He copys everything his daddy and I do. He eats and sleeps pretty good. Its so crazy how time flies.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

He's a big boy now!

**Sorry if TMI**

I can't believe that my big boy went poo-poo in the potty!!!! This is like his 3rd time doing it so I am definately going to wal-mart tomorrow to get him a potty chair. We were just sitting down eating dinner ( I know how conveanent huh?) and he was saying, "Mama poo-poo Mama poo-poo" (too cute). So I knew then I had to pick him up and sit him on the toilet and sure enough the big boy went. I'm sorry if this is TMI, but I am such a Proud Mommy!!! :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Back in Action

I know I have been MIA lately, but the day before memorial day my parents were cooking out at their house for all of us. Well my mom all-of- a sudden got really dizzy and hot. She kept saying the room was spinning. Well to make a long story short Monday evening we ended up taking her to the ER. The Doctors said she has Vertigo. Basically her equilibrium is off balance. We are hoping it goes away very soon.

On better news I won 3 cute Zebra print pillows from All Thing Thrifty's giveaway. I am so excited to get them in the mail.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Swimming Week 2

Today was the 2nd week in a row we went to grandmas swimming. My friend Tay & her lil boy came along with us. We had so much fun, the boys had a blast too. I was trying to layout and get a tan, but got sunburned instead. I'm hurting like crazy now and red head to toe! (OUCH) We are cooling off in this summer heat good I'd say!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Recap

Saturday- Cory and I went to my friend's son's birthday party. He turned 1. Cory had so much fun she had gotten a moon bounce for some of the kids and surprisingly he jumped in it. After the party we just went home and hung out with daddy the rest of the night.

Sunday- We dragged Daddy to the grocery store (that never happens, so thanks babe for going). then we were lazy for the rest of the day

Although Sunday night right after dinner my poor lil baby vomitted all his dinner up. I don't really know why, he isn't sick or anything. I think maybe he just over ate or something. he is feeling lots better today though!!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Swimming at Grandma's house!!

Today Cory & I went over to my parents house to get some sun and go swimming. I had bought Cory the little frog pool yesterday to splash in over there. We had so much fun my cousin and her son met us there. We swam, let the kids play, and had lunch. I think me & Cory are gonna make this a weekly thing. He had a blast as you can see and is sleeping like a little baby now. This Texas heat can really get to a person so I'm glad my parents have a big backyard so my little man can roam around. I can't wait for us to have one our own. Our townhome only has a teeny tiny one and grass won't grow because there's a big shade tree blocking most of the sunlight trying to come through. So thank goodness for my parents yard.

Monday, May 17, 2010

My newest addition to my closet!

Today I made this box to house all my flip flops. I found this crafty project over at I thought it was cool how she put hers on a shelf so I made this to put at the top of my closet. Mine didn't turn out exactly how I wanted it to. i wish i would have had better box cutters and some sand paper to sand down the edges, but I like it for my first one.


On Saturday it rained cats & dogs here in the southeast. It was kinda nice though because it gave us a reason to stay couped up in the house all day doing nothing, but watch movies. I did get a chance to snap this pretty picture of the Gardenia bush right outside our front door. I love how you can see the rain drops on the leaves.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day!!!

I had such a wonderful Mother's day my boy surprised me with these. A BEAUTIFUL gold necklace with a "J" charm on it and earrings. I loved them both. I was definitely surprised too because the day before Cordaro said he didn't get anything because the store he wanted to go to was closed, you can say I was a bit disappointed. Boy was I happy the next morning. We went to eat at Chili's and back home to a nice relaxing day with our little family!!!!

My Brother's Wedding

Friday evening was my brother's wedding. It was so beautiful I've only been to a couple of other weddings but so far that was definately the best. Most exciting of all was that my brother and his fiance asked Cordaro to marry them. so last week we went online and he became an Ordained Minister. He got a certificate in the mail and everything(it is now hanging on our wall in our home). We didn't think it would be so easy. I was very honored that they chose him to marry them because to me that seems like a HUGE deal. Our handsome lil boy wore the cutest suit ever. I have to say he was the cutest one there. We all had so much fun from eating fajitas, drinking margaritas, to people singing at the end of the night on the microphone (Cordaro sang "My Girl" so beautifully). It was truly a blast. Congrats to my Big Bro and now new sister inlaw.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Monday, May 3, 2010

1st Haircut

Cory got his 1st haircut yesterday. Daddy cut it. The little curls on top were starting to get a little wild so we decided to give him a big boy hair cut. I LOVE it he looks like a little kid.!!!! I actually think he looks a little more like daddy too.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Our weekend!

This weekend we really didn't do much just hanging out at home. although Sunday I made my very 1st homemade Lasagna. O MY GOODNESS!! It was so delicious. I was so proud of myself and so was my honey. We ate so much that we were way too stuffed. I also made homemade Peach Cobbler (the way my mama makes it) it was good too, but It could have used a less juice and a little more sugar (we love the breading part). All in all we had a good weekend of just relaxing at home. I am excited for this weekend coming though because my brother's fiance is having her bridal shower & they are having their bachelor/bachelorette parties together. That should be fun I think.

Gotta go off to cook dinner....Grilled chicken (on the George Foreman) mashed potatoes and veggies!!!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010


I have been horrible lately keeping up this blog. Today I have a FUNNY story (even though these events happened on Monday!!) to post.

So lately since the beautiful Texas sun has been showing through more and more, I have been opening up the blinds and curtains in the window in our living room. Cory LOVES looking out the window. Well Monday afternoon while cory was just-a-looking ( I was just a few feet away on the couch, but not paying too much attention to what he was doing) I hear Cory drop his cup and scream bloody murder kinda like he had just seen a ghost and run to me. But it wasn't a ghost it was a STRAY CAT!!!! I remember this same cat use to come around, but I haven't seen him in a long time. The cat had jumped on the outside ledge of the window and was peeking in to see what my lil man was doing. Well cory was terrified (mostly because the cat has never come by there before) so I took him outside so he could see the cat in person. I wanted to show him that the kitty wasn't going to hurt him ,that it was friendly. Cory wasn't really scared after that, but everytime the cat was by our window he waved bye to it ( I guess he wanted it to leave him alone). It was so funny I couldn't help but LAUGH.

He did try to feed it some cheerios

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

18 months already?

Yep yesterday my Lil boy turned 18 months. He is officially 1 and a half. I can't believe in just 6 short months he will be 2. This morning he had his check-up and everything looks fine. He now weighs 23 lbs and 5 oz. He is 33.5 in. long. The Dr. said he is kinda tall for his age so I guess we've got a basketball player on our hands. He definitely is trying to talk more because he is repeating lots of things we say. So we have watch what we say now. He is sucha smart boy.

I really can't believe how fast time has gone by. I can remember being in labor with him like it was yesterday. These are definitely the years to hold on to because next thing I know he isn't gonna want to give mommy and daddy kisses and hugs anymore!!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

My lil Model!!!

Here are some cute pictures of my handsome lil boy!! I swear he could be a baby model he's so cute!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Day at the Park

Yesterday it was so nice so we decided to go to the park. It was only Cory's second time at the park. (I know mean mommy) But he had so much fun as you can tell. he was all SMILES. It was just the right temperature, but the wind was a little strong. So we only stayed a little while. His favorites were the slide and the swing. He kept climbing up the slide and going down it while saying "WEEE" it was so cute. I put him in the swing and he was kinda scared at first, but once he got going he couldn't stop laughing. We are definately making another trip to the park soon.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!!!

It's been forever since I've posted on here, sorry blog I've been neglecting you!!

Hope everyone had a great Easter. We sure did ate some good food at my parents house, hunted for eggs and had a confetti egg fight. LOTS of FUN!! Cory had lots of fun alsohe was playing outside and hunting for eggs!!!!

Isn't he the cutest lil model ever??
I Love this picture :)

I didn't think he would like Blow Pops so much
but boy did he love it!!

Hunting for eggs while his cousin Karlie helps him.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend Recap

Thursday Cordaro surprised me with beautiful spring bouquet of flowers.
I could not believe how beautiful they were.

Aren't they so gorgeous!!!

Lets skip to Saturday.

That’s when we celebrated our anniversary, which we did by going to the Cadillac Bar at the Kemah Boardwalk (a big attraction just a couple minutes down from our house). The food was pretty good and not to mention the margaritas. Cory stayed the night with his Grandma & Paw-Paw that night so it was kinda nice for us to have some quiet time ALONE at home. Sunday we just hung out around the house doing nothing.

(Picture of us in the car on the way to the restaurant)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

4 years and still going STRONG!!!

Well today is mine and Cordaro's 4 year anniversary. Wanna know how we met? Here's the Story:

We met while in high school I was a junior and Cordaro was a senior. Cord and I never even talked to each other. Well one day while walking down the crowded hall of our school it was magic. We happened to be walking opposite directions and it was like BOOM our eyes met (it's so weird that that one moment has really changed our lives). After seeing me in the hallway (and checking me out) Cordaro sat with one of our mutual friends that we had and didn't even know til later. He was telling her about this girl he seen in the hallway (ME) and how beautiful she was. Well little did he know that I was her friend. Later that day my friend was telling me about this really nice guy that liked me and thought I was pretty and That I should go out on a date with him. Little shy me didn't know what to do. Fast forward to after drill team practice that same day, I was just coming out of our dance room guess who I see. Cordaro. At the time I knew NOTHING about him, only what my friend had told me of him. As I sat there waiting for my mom to pick me up we chatted a while. Ican still remember the cocky smile he had on his face. He was definately a hottie and he knew it. After talking he asked for my # so I gave it to him. Then he texted me to ask for my name again. I could not believe this punk forgot my name,but I still couldn't resist his charm. After a couple of days of LOTS of txt messages & phone calls he asked me out on a date. That weekend March 11, 2006 to be exact we went out on our first date. (I still to this day can feel the same butterflies as I did that day.) He took me to this little mexican restraunt and then to see a movie. He was such a gentleman, he open and closed my door for me and I've never had anyone do that . As the night ended I of course gave him a GOODNIGHT KISS. I knew then that this was the guy for me!!!!

Fast Forward 4 years later we are now 21 and have a BEAUTIFUL 17 month old son. Whom we both adore so much. I truely could not ask for a better life and don't know what I do without Cordaro. He has been here for me so much and has made me a better person. I know someday I will be his wife.

Babe I know you will read this so Happy Anniversary!! I LOVE YOU!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Poor Lil Baby...

has been sick.**TMI** At 1am Thursday morning Cory started vomiting. after a call to the Er we ended up taking him in. Not to worry everything is fine. The Dr. there gave us some Zofran to help with the nausea. That went away, but now he has **TMI** diarrhea. It sucks ,but the nurse at his Dr.'s office said to just let it run it's course. Hopefully it will be over soon. not to worry though because even though he isn't 100% he still is his normal self. Playing all over the place, rough housing with daddy, testing us, and being so loving. Although he has noticed we were babying him just a Little more I think. He will come up to us making a whinny face wanting to cuddle and sit in our laps. But that's ok because we LOVE that. I hope he gets better soon, just keep him in your prayers. Thanks!!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Another Saturday

This weekend Southeast Texas has had some pretty weather. Cory played with his ball outside with daddy. He was just running around everywhere and having so much fun. The weather was so beautiful not too cool, but not too hot just right! They were literally outside for a couple of hours and boy was he wore out. Needless to say he slept like an angel last night. :)

So after a day of playing outside we ate dinner over at my parents house. Boiled shrimp, potatoes,corn and snow crab was what was for dinner! (YUMMMY) Boy was that food good too. Well Cory got to play even more, this time with his cousins. The sun was setting and I thankfully took my camera and snapped some BEAUTIFUL pictures of the gorgeous sunset once again. This time it was just out in my parents backyard. I have never seen such a more beautiful site in the whole time I had lived on that property.