Thursday, May 20, 2010

Swimming at Grandma's house!!

Today Cory & I went over to my parents house to get some sun and go swimming. I had bought Cory the little frog pool yesterday to splash in over there. We had so much fun my cousin and her son met us there. We swam, let the kids play, and had lunch. I think me & Cory are gonna make this a weekly thing. He had a blast as you can see and is sleeping like a little baby now. This Texas heat can really get to a person so I'm glad my parents have a big backyard so my little man can roam around. I can't wait for us to have one our own. Our townhome only has a teeny tiny one and grass won't grow because there's a big shade tree blocking most of the sunlight trying to come through. So thank goodness for my parents yard.

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