Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Brother's Wedding

Friday evening was my brother's wedding. It was so beautiful I've only been to a couple of other weddings but so far that was definately the best. Most exciting of all was that my brother and his fiance asked Cordaro to marry them. so last week we went online and he became an Ordained Minister. He got a certificate in the mail and everything(it is now hanging on our wall in our home). We didn't think it would be so easy. I was very honored that they chose him to marry them because to me that seems like a HUGE deal. Our handsome lil boy wore the cutest suit ever. I have to say he was the cutest one there. We all had so much fun from eating fajitas, drinking margaritas, to people singing at the end of the night on the microphone (Cordaro sang "My Girl" so beautifully). It was truly a blast. Congrats to my Big Bro and now new sister inlaw.


  1. When I first read the text part I knew your son is named Cordaro so was picturing your little man marrying them and thinking, man he is good for a toddler. I forgot that he is a JR, lol!

  2. Thanks I love dressing him up.
    Sarah B- LOL yea I forget that sometimes too because I never call him anything but Cory!!!