Sunday, October 3, 2010


My happy little family

Cory !!!

It has been FOREVER since I last posted!!! lots has happened. Cory is now going to daycare, which is the place I happen work at too. I am so happy I finally decided to go back to work. Things have been so great, it was a bit difficult getting use to not seeing my baby boy 24/7 but we are adjusted now and liking the new schedule!

Next week is Cory's birthday party and I couldn't be any more excited. I went with a cowboy western theme because right now he thinks he is one. He loves horses and cowboys, I guess its the Texan coming out in him. lol We are doing a party at a local park. I rented a moon bounce and I'm gonna get a pinata too. I think I'm more excited to see his reaction to everything.

Cory is learning so much at school. He has learned so many new words and songs. He talks so much now, even though he is a little shy sometimes he definitely is a chatterbox.