Monday, June 14, 2010

weekend re-cap

On Saturday we went to my 2 nephew's graduation party at my parents house. When we were there one of the grown-ups set up a homemade slip-n-slide. It was such a big hit with all the kids. they loved it, especially my little rascal. He had so much fun running and sliding with all the other kids. then they let him have the water hose. He kept spraying everyone as they were sliding down it. I don't think he let go of that hose the whole time he was on that thing. when we got home he was so tired and was fast asleep a little early that night. I love summer days like that where you can just sit and wastch all the kids have so much fun. kinda brings back memories of when you were a kid doing the same thing.

Cory sliding down the slip-n-slide

He loved being in charge of the water hose

more sliding

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  1. At my neice's birthday party, my brother-in-law set up a homemade slip-n-slide as well--visquine and baby shampoo. It worked GREAT!!!