Wednesday, June 16, 2010

potty training...

So an update on the potty training that Mr. Cory has been doing. I really still can't believe that he has been going to the potty. He has led the way this whole time! He will even tell me when he needs to go sometimes. So I think he is really getting the hang of this. I usually put him on it in the morning after he wakes up (he goes), mid- morning after breakfast and snack (he usually goes), before nap (he goes), after nap, and well you get it. I am so surprised how good and comfortable he is with it. Although it doesn't surprise me, he likes going in the bathroom when his daddy is in there. I guess he figures he can keep him company. LOL :) I still need to go get him some pull-ups because trying to put a diaper on while he is standing up is a little difficult. My goal is to have him potty trained by the time he turns TWO- which is in 4 months!! Well i better see if he needs to go potty now! LOL J/K :)

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