Friday, April 23, 2010


I have been horrible lately keeping up this blog. Today I have a FUNNY story (even though these events happened on Monday!!) to post.

So lately since the beautiful Texas sun has been showing through more and more, I have been opening up the blinds and curtains in the window in our living room. Cory LOVES looking out the window. Well Monday afternoon while cory was just-a-looking ( I was just a few feet away on the couch, but not paying too much attention to what he was doing) I hear Cory drop his cup and scream bloody murder kinda like he had just seen a ghost and run to me. But it wasn't a ghost it was a STRAY CAT!!!! I remember this same cat use to come around, but I haven't seen him in a long time. The cat had jumped on the outside ledge of the window and was peeking in to see what my lil man was doing. Well cory was terrified (mostly because the cat has never come by there before) so I took him outside so he could see the cat in person. I wanted to show him that the kitty wasn't going to hurt him ,that it was friendly. Cory wasn't really scared after that, but everytime the cat was by our window he waved bye to it ( I guess he wanted it to leave him alone). It was so funny I couldn't help but LAUGH.

He did try to feed it some cheerios

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