Sunday, February 28, 2010

Another Saturday

This weekend Southeast Texas has had some pretty weather. Cory played with his ball outside with daddy. He was just running around everywhere and having so much fun. The weather was so beautiful not too cool, but not too hot just right! They were literally outside for a couple of hours and boy was he wore out. Needless to say he slept like an angel last night. :)

So after a day of playing outside we ate dinner over at my parents house. Boiled shrimp, potatoes,corn and snow crab was what was for dinner! (YUMMMY) Boy was that food good too. Well Cory got to play even more, this time with his cousins. The sun was setting and I thankfully took my camera and snapped some BEAUTIFUL pictures of the gorgeous sunset once again. This time it was just out in my parents backyard. I have never seen such a more beautiful site in the whole time I had lived on that property.

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