Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Just look at my crazy little boy. I promise I did not put that on him and take the picture. Unfortunately he found it on the couch this morning from when I took it off last night. He thought it was a hat I guess and put it on his head.I could not stop laughing to get up and get my camera so I had to snap one with my phone. (thats why the picture SUCKS) He really is the silliest little thing ever. Oh how I can't wait until he get older so I can show him and future girlfriends of his.

We also had a playdate with my friend Taylor and her 8 month old little boy Jayden. This is a picture from the last time they came over to our house. Cory has so much fun playing with him, but he does try to get a little too rough. He is sweet to him though, always trying to give him hugs. All in all it was a good day except for one tantrum Cory threw. I think the TERRIBLE TWO's are coming way too soon.


  1. That is so funny!

    You have big ta-tas though... It wouldn't be as funny with my bra :]

  2. Tyler is obsessed with my bras too!!