Thursday, March 11, 2010

4 years and still going STRONG!!!

Well today is mine and Cordaro's 4 year anniversary. Wanna know how we met? Here's the Story:

We met while in high school I was a junior and Cordaro was a senior. Cord and I never even talked to each other. Well one day while walking down the crowded hall of our school it was magic. We happened to be walking opposite directions and it was like BOOM our eyes met (it's so weird that that one moment has really changed our lives). After seeing me in the hallway (and checking me out) Cordaro sat with one of our mutual friends that we had and didn't even know til later. He was telling her about this girl he seen in the hallway (ME) and how beautiful she was. Well little did he know that I was her friend. Later that day my friend was telling me about this really nice guy that liked me and thought I was pretty and That I should go out on a date with him. Little shy me didn't know what to do. Fast forward to after drill team practice that same day, I was just coming out of our dance room guess who I see. Cordaro. At the time I knew NOTHING about him, only what my friend had told me of him. As I sat there waiting for my mom to pick me up we chatted a while. Ican still remember the cocky smile he had on his face. He was definately a hottie and he knew it. After talking he asked for my # so I gave it to him. Then he texted me to ask for my name again. I could not believe this punk forgot my name,but I still couldn't resist his charm. After a couple of days of LOTS of txt messages & phone calls he asked me out on a date. That weekend March 11, 2006 to be exact we went out on our first date. (I still to this day can feel the same butterflies as I did that day.) He took me to this little mexican restraunt and then to see a movie. He was such a gentleman, he open and closed my door for me and I've never had anyone do that . As the night ended I of course gave him a GOODNIGHT KISS. I knew then that this was the guy for me!!!!

Fast Forward 4 years later we are now 21 and have a BEAUTIFUL 17 month old son. Whom we both adore so much. I truely could not ask for a better life and don't know what I do without Cordaro. He has been here for me so much and has made me a better person. I know someday I will be his wife.

Babe I know you will read this so Happy Anniversary!! I LOVE YOU!!!

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