Tuesday, December 8, 2009

So Silly

Cory and I just got done eating lunch. I made him a grilled cheese and I was having a burrito, well of course he decided he didn't want grilled cheese he wanted mommy's burrito. So I gave him some (which turned out to be half of it). Then I gave him a slice of turkey and put some applesauce on his tray too. Well he ate the turkey and still had some grilled cheese on his tray too so what does my little silly boy decide to do? He starts dipping his GRILLED CHEESE in his APPLESAUCE!! He practically ate the whole grilled cheese after he discovered how great it tasted dipped in applesauce. I can't believe my son is growing into such a silly little boy. I think we have a CLASS CLOWN on our hands Cordaro!! (my Fiance) Well I just wanted to share this funny lunch story before I forgot about it!!!

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