Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy EARLY New Year!

Tonight for New Year's Eve we had decided to go to dinner (at our favorite Italian restraunt Zio's MMMMM they are so yummy!) and then just hang out at home. It's rainy and very foggy out so we didn't want to be out in that! I sure hope everyone that is out there tonight will be safe on these slick roads. Here are a couple pics I got before we headed to the restraunt!

This has been a pretty good year. My family's health is great and we are all together so that's the most important thing. Over 2009 I've gained a new soon-to-be sister in-law, also a new baby cousin. Ouur lil boy is growing up before our eyes and getting so big. He is just the silliest little thing. He will soon be 15 months (how time goes by so fast).

Goodbye 2009....Hello 2010

I am looking forward to 2010 because Cordaro(my fiance) and I are trying to get a house soon and hopefully we will be in one by summer or even spring time (how nice that will be). 2 of my nephews will be graduating from high school and that will be a pretty big deal for my sister! Our son will be turning 2! (o goodness) and hopefully we will be blessed with many new things! I wish every one good health and fortune!! HAPPY EARLY NEW YEAR!! 2010!!

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