Sunday, November 1, 2009

Some funny things about CORY are:
*When he sees mommy putting on hand sanitizer he rubs his hands together too.
*He plays with mommy's hair to go to sleep at night
*He screams incredibly loud
*He gives mommy a kiss first thing every morning
*He LOVES chicken nuggets
*He LOVES to watch T.V.
*He really LOVES Mickey Mouse
*He plays with daddy's gotee and toes
*He likes to take a bath
*If you wear glasses he will take them off you in a sec.
* Words he says are: mama, dada, bye bye, yum yum, dasses(glasses), nuh uh,baba
*He shakes his head NO
*If he sees you chewing gum he will stick his tongue in & out
*He LOVES to eat sweets
* When he knows you're leaving he will go to the door and say "BYE BYE"

1 comment:

  1. He sounds really sweet :)

    I especially love the shaking his head no. Why do they have to learn NO first?!